3 Florida Homes Catch Fire by Lightning

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While a series of severe storms passed through Jacksonville, Florida during the weekend of June 5 & 6, lightning from the stormy weather set fire to 3 homes. The 3 houses, which were located on the north side of the city, were within walking distance from each other. As firefighters fought one blaze on Rolling River Road, a second home was hit, and then a third. Firefighters recalled hearing loud booms and seeing lightning bolts and then the fires. 

While trying to battle the first blaze from within the home, the fire quickly spread, and so firefighters had to move outside and use the water cannon. Crews were dealing with a shortage of manpower because of the high volume emergency calls. Fortunately, the response was enough to quench the fires and prevent any serious casualties. No one was reported to have been injured by any of the lightning fires. 

If You Have Suffered Damages in a Florida Fire 

If your home was also damaged in a Florida fire, then you may be entitled to compensation through a Florida fire damage claim. Before you file a homeowners insurance claim, you’ll first need to make a detailed list of all the damages that resulted from the fire. 

For additional steps to take, read our article, Filing an Insurance Claim for Fire Damage in Florida.  

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