3 Things You Should Not Do after Your Miami Car Accident

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Chances are, unless you’ve been in a substantial number of car crashes, you won’t know exactly what to do immediately after a Miami car accident. In the days and weeks that follow, however, it helps to know about what you should do—and just as important, what you should not do—if you need to file a Florida personal injury claim to account for the ways the Miami car accident has changed your life. 

When you have sustained injuries in a car accident that another person caused, you shouldn’t have to shoulder the financial burden associated with your injuries. Since the outcome of your personal injury claim can have a huge impact on your recovery and future comfort, you’ll want to proceed with extreme caution through each and every step of your case. 

To avoid damaging your case, the following are 3 things you’ll want to avoid at all costs: 

  • Throwing away evidence – yes, the clothing you had on during your Miami car accident may be torn, destroyed and even have blood stains. While it may be unsettling to hold onto these items, they may serve as crucial evidence. When you get rid of these things, you may risk losing a convincing argument in your claim.
  • Talking to other people involved in the accident – do not under any circumstances talk to the other driver or passengers about issues of fault and avoid knee-jerk reactions, such as apologizing.
  • Agreeing to settlement offers without talking to an attorney – when adjusters from your insurance carrier or that of another motorist offer you a quick settlement, chances are it will be inadequate. How do you know what you will need for your future when you have never been involved in such a case before? 

Hiring a Miami car accident lawyer is the best way to avoid serious missteps such as these and keep your injury claim on track. 

Contacting a Miami Car Accident Lawyer 

After a serious Miami car accident leaves you with life-altering injuries, you’ll want to seek help from a lawyer with experience in cases like yours. The Miami car accident lawyers at Falk & Falk know what to look for when investigating your case and can fight for your rights when negotiating with the insurance companies. Before you accept any settlement offers, contact the Miami car accident lawyers at Falk & Falk for a free case consultation – (305) 279-0999.