7 Types of Negligence that Could Cause a Miami Car Crash

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The 7 most common types of driver negligence are primary reasons for the cause of a Miami car crash that can be easily identified by a Miami car crash attorney

In order of occurrence from least to most common, the 7 types of negligence are: 

  • Drunk driving – surprisingly, drunk driving is the least common of the 7 most common types of negligence while driving.
  • Cell phone usage – cell phones have more available applications now, such as texting, navigation, and Internet browsing, which is statistically more distracting than drunk driving.
  • Applying makeup – women believe they save time by applying makeup in the car. However, it increases your risk of causing a car accident 3-fold.
  • Reading – newspaper, book, or map, reading is the 4th major cause of negligent driving.
  • Outside distractions – this includes construction work, an abandoned vehicle, a scenic view, etc.
  • Being tired – this can cause loss of focus to your surroundings and control of your car.
  • Inside distractions – the most common type of negligence that causes a car crash is distractions in your car, such as other passengers, cleaning your dashboard, changing the radio station, etc. 

Considering the variety of types of negligence, it’s hard to prove if a driver was distracted while driving.  A Miami car crash attorney knows what to look for in a case of driver’s negligence so you’ll be compensated for your injuries and damages. 

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