A Hurricane is Coming. How Should I Prepare?

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If there is a hurricane headed toward your Florida home, then you will need to be prepared. There are steps you can take to protect your home against hurricane winds and rains. If you follow these steps, then you may be able to minimize the damage that can be caused by a hurricane. 

Steps to take before a hurricane in Florida include: 

  • Secure your windows – If you don’t have hurricane shutters installed, then you can use plywood to board up your windows. Using tape may not prevent your windows from being blown in.
  • Trim the trees and shrubs that surround your home – Also, remove any loose or hanging tree limbs.
  • Clear your yard of any small debris – Even heavy items may be picked up by the wind.
  • Clear out your rain gutters and drain spouts – This is to help the rain drain from your roof.
  • Fill your bathtubs with water – This way, you will have fresh water if the water supply is disrupted.
  • Buy extra bottles of drinking water – Also, buy food that will stay fresh if electricity is disrupted.
  • Fill up your car up with gasoline – Gasoline supply is often disrupted after a storm. 

If you live in Florida, then you should be aware of the dangers of hurricane season. It helps to know that there are ways of preparing for a hurricane in Florida, so that you can minimize the damage to your home. Once a damaging storm has passed, you can seek the help of an experienced Florida hurricane attorney to make an insurance claim.  

Contacting a Florida Hurricane Attorney 

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