A Miami Car Crash Can Lead to Serious Injuries

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If you’re lucky, you may only experience a mild case of whiplash or some cuts and scrapes from a Miami car crash. But high speeds or dangerous driving conditions can quickly make matters much worse. Whether you have experienced severe personal injury or a tragedy in the family, a Miami car crash attorney can help you with seek financial compensation through a personal injury claim. 

Did you know that I-95 is considered one of the most dangerous highways in America and is ranked at the top of the list of the deadliest highways based on statistics gathered from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration? From 2004 to 2008 there were 765 total fatalities on the stretch of I-95 that goes through Florida. That equals 1.73 fatal accidents per mile, which means your chance for serious injury in a Miami car crash is unfortunately high. 

Not every common car accident requires legal action. However, if you leave the scene of the accident feeling only shaken up and discover latent physical or mental injuries, a Miami car crash attorney can help. The earlier a Miami car crash attorney is included in the process the better, as they have experience in these matters and know what to look for to prove the other driver’s fault for your accident.

Contacting a Miami Car Crash Attorney 

After a serious Miami car crash leaves you with life-altering injuries, you’ll want to seek help from a lawyer with experience in cases like yours. The Florida Injury Lawyers at Falk & Falk know what to look for when investigating your case and can fight for your rights when negotiating with the insurance companies. Before you accept any settlement offers, contact the Florida Injury Lawyers at Falk & Falk for a free case consultation – (305) 279-0999.