Acquolina Restaurant in Weston, Florida

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Acquolina is well-known in Weston Florida for their amazing customer service, their array of food selections for their customers as well as their prices for their food they offer their customers. With a 4.3-star rating based on their fast service, their exquisite food, their curbside pick up services as well as their fast delivery system and service they offer their customers. Acquolina is also known for the amazing atmosphere they have when their customers are in their restaurant as well as how their food is presented to their customers. Many of their customers have stated they enjoy how exquisite their food looks when their food is served to them, other customers also enjoy Acquolina’s family-style options and menus as well as their prices for family-style dining. 

 Acquolina’s Expertise

Acquolina has been in the Restaurant Business for over 12+ years and has always been known for making their customers feel at home as well as maintaining a positive atmosphere consistently while their customers are eating and dining in. Acquolina offers different menu selections for their customers such as Steaks, Pasta, Seafood, Salads, as well as deserts and different appetizer options on their menus. Other reasons why Customers enjoy going to Acquolina’s for dinner include how authentic their Italian Food selections are compared to eating food from Italy, as well as how presentable their plates are when their plates are served to them and how great their homemade dishes are. 

Acquolina Reviews

 Many of their customers have highly recommended Acquolina to their family and friends to try their homemade dishes, their different types of Seafood Entries, and appetizers they have on their menus. Their appetizers include Baked Calamari, Baked Clams, Shrimp Cocktails, Seafood Salads, Pasta e Fagioli which is bean soup with small pasta rings, they also offer Zucchini Fritti which comes with Zucchini which is fried and coated with tomato sauce.


2320 WESTON RD, WESTON, FL 33326

(954) 389-1880