Appealing Your Hurricane Damage Claim with FEMA

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If your property has been damaged in a Florida hurricane, and your hurricane insurer has denied your claim for compensation, you may place an appeal with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). To appeal with FEMA, you must send a letter with documentation that supports your claim. 

When appealing your Florida hurricane damage claim with FEMA, your letter should include: 

  • documentation of your losses (as a result of the Florida hurricane);
  • a copy of your insurer’s written denial;
  •  your policy number (as it appears on the declaration page of your policy);
  • the policy holder’s name (exactly as it appears on the declarations page of your policy);
  • your address (exactly as it appears on the declarations page of your policy);
  • your contact information;
  • a detailed account of the issue that you are appealing; and
  • the contact information for the person(s) who handled your Florida hurricane damage claim. 

Once FEMA has received your letter of appeal, they may conduct a re-inspection of your Florida hurricane damage. If FEMA requests additional information about your claim, you must provide the information within 14 calendar days or risk dismissal of your claim. 

To get help appealing to FEMA, you can contact an experienced Florida hurricane insurance attorney. If your Florida hurricane damage claim is denied after an appeal, you may choose to file a lawsuit. A hurricane insurance attorney in Florida can help make sure you make FEMA deadlines, and can represent you in a formal court of law, if a lawsuit is necessary.  

Contacting a Florida Hurricane Attorney 

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