Auto Accident Injury Lawyer: Steps to Take Immediately after a Miami Auto Accident

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A lawyer specializing in auto accidents knows that the steps you take immediately after a Miami car crash could significantly impact your personal injury claim. Taking the right steps could maximize your settlement potential. However, the wrong steps could lead to your claim being reduced in value or even denied.

Calling the Authorities and Exchanging Information

The moments following a crash are oftentimes chaotic and stressful. Emotions can easily get in the way and stir up anger or anxiety. However, it’s important to remain calm. This gives you a better chance at handling the situation in a way that will protect any claim you may file in the future.

After an accident, you should immediately check for any injuries. If you or someone else is hurt and requires medical attention, call for help. You will also need to contact the police. While in most states this is required no matter how minor the accident, it will be especially important if there are serious or fatal injuries.

At some point you will need to talk with the other driver. This isn’t the time to assign blame. In fact, you should avoid discussing the accident and simply obtain his or her information: 

  • name;
  • phone number;
  • license plate;  
  • driver’s license numbers; and
  • basic insurance information.

If there were any witnesses to the crash, get their contact information as well. Their testimony could be helpful later on, if you need to establish what happened and who was at fault.

Collecting Other Evidence for Personal Injury Claim 

Pictures should be taken if you are able to do so. Try to get photographs of the entire accident scene and the damaged vehicles. You might want to also take pictures of any visible injuries that you or any of your passengers have sustained.

If you didn’t require emergency medical attention, be sure to see your doctor anyway. What may appear to be a mild injury could more serious than you think. There may even be hidden injuries of which you aren’t aware. Make sure you receive copies of all medical records, including X-rays, lab results and other documentation that shows the extent of your injuries.

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Tell them exactly what happened and the injuries you sustained as a result. Before talking to an adjuster from another insurance company, though, speak to your attorney who can prepare you for the conversation.

Consulting with an Auto Accident Injury Lawyer 

If you plan on filing a personal injury claim stemming from a crash caused by someone else’s negligence, speak with an auto accident injury lawyer. The law firm of Falk & Falk is here to help. Call us at out Miami offices — 305-279-0999.