Auto Injury Attorney in Miami Talks Motorcycle Insurance Coverage in Florida

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If unsure how your claim may be impacted by your motorcycle insurance coverage in Florida, speak to an auto injury attorney in Miami at Falk & Falk. In Florida, you are not required to carry motorcycle coverage except under certain circumstances. Still, coverage may help relieve a financial burden if you experience injury in an accident or if you are responsible for an accident.

Requirements for Motorcycle Insurance Coverage in Florida

The following are minimum liability coverage requirements for passenger vehicles in Florida: 

  • $10,000 per crash, property liability;
  • $30,000 in combined single limits;
  • $10,000 for one person, bodily injury liability; and
  • $20,000 for two or more persons, bodily injury liability.

However, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, motorcycle insurance is required only under certain circumstances. It is not required to register the bike, as is the case with cars and trucks.

But this doesn’t mean that motorcyclists are not held financially responsible for damages if they cause an accident resulting in property damage or bodily injury. Failure to carry insurance may result in hefty financial burdens for those who are responsible for an accident, or even victims who must deal with expenses immediately after the crash. In these cases, talk to your auto injury attorney in Miami at Falk & Falk to review your options.

If a rider is in such an accident and had no liability insurance, he or she will be required to purchase minimum liability insurance and maintain it for three years. Failure to carry this insurance may result in license or tag/registration suspension.

Insurance and Florida Motorcycle Helmet Law

Your coverage also can impact helmet requirements. For instance, cyclists who have at least $10,000 coverage in a medical insurance policy and are 21 or older do not have to wear a helmet. All cyclists must wear eye protection, no matter the coverage or age, and riders younger than 21 must wear helmets.

Of course, it is recommended that every rider wear a helmet. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), helmets saved the lives of 1,829 motorcyclists in 2008.

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you may face serious injuries and a long recovery, as well as associated expenses and costs. You could face expensive medical bills, missed time from work and other losses.

Consulting an Auto Injury Attorney in Miami

If another individual is responsible for your accident, you may be entitled to file a claim. To learn more about the legal options that may be available and to go over how motorcycle insurance coverage in Florida may impact your claim, contact an auto injury attorney in Miami at Falk & Falk – 1-305-279-0999.