Bad Faith Insurance Claims

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There are several ways in which you may be eligible to file a Florida bad faith insurance claim. This can happen when your insurer denies a claim without having a reasonable basis for doing so. For instance, if your insurer refuses to compensate your damages after a Florida hurricane, then they must have a legitimate reason for denying your compensation. If they have no legitimate reason and are in breach of contract pertaining to your specific policy, then they may be guilty of bad faith. 

Your insurer may also be guilty of bad faith if they fail to conduct a reasonable investigation of your claim or if they violate Florida’s laws regarding an insurer’s duties to the insured. 

Furthermore, insurers who are guilty of bad faith may be held liable for additional damages beyond the actual damages that are owed under your insurance policy. 

These additional bad faith damages can include: 

  • Attorney’s fees that were incurred in a Florida bad faith insurance claim lawsuit; and
  • Offenses such as mental anguish, and stress that may have been caused due to the insurance company’s neglect.  

To know whether your insurer is guilty of a bad faith, you can get the legal advice of a Florida insurance claims attorney. 

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