Bellini Italian Bistro in Weston, Florida

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When you’re in South Florida, there are going to be many dining options. However, if you happen to be in the mood for Italian food, then you should consider Bellini Italian Bistro. 

 If you were at the beach for the day and worked up an appetite, Bellini Italian Bistro will do the trick. It’s also possible you spent the day at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. If that’s the case, you can dine at one of the overpriced restaurants on property or drive a few miles away for something special at an affordable price. 

What Makes It Special? 

 The number one reason Bellini Italian Bistro stands out amongst other Italian restaurants in South Florida is that most of their ingredients are shipped straight from Italy. Despite being at the mercy of pricing for these ingredients, management still keeps prices low. It has become obvious to locals that management genuinely cares about patrons and will do their best to make sure everyone is happy.

 The other reason Bellini Italian Bistro is special is simply because of the consistently high ratings by those who dine there. Whenever you see a low rating, which is rare, it often has to do with a random event and never the food. This could relate to a longer wait than usual for food or someone sneaking a cigarette by the bar. As far as the food goes, almost every single person that dines at Bellini is more than pleased.

Atmosphere & Popular Dishes 

 As far as atmosphere goes, Bellini has a very relaxed and authentic Italian vibe, which is obvious by the décor, including the Roman photos on the wall. The food is also authentic Italian. Popular dishes include Chicken Parmesan, Risotto di Fungi, Broccoli Rabe, Sausage Rigatoni, and Neapolitan pizza. Be sure to finish the meal off with an espresso or tiramisu. One last note: don’t worry about what to order. You can’t go wrong.

Bellini Italian Bistro

2780 Weston Rd, Weston, FL 33331

(954) 306-0781