BP Has Already Paid More Than $100 Million in Claims

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As of June 20, almost 2 months since the first days of the BP oil spill, BP has paid out $104 million in claims to residents along the Gulf Coast. To date, BP has issued more than 31,000 checks to compensate more than 64,000 claims, and the claims continue to come in. 

These claims have been filed by residents of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida who have suffered immensely as a result of the oil spill. Those who make their livings as fishermen, hoteliers, restaurateurs, and in other tourism-related businesses have seen a dramatic loss of income. 

In order to compensate victims of the oil spill, BP has established a $20 billion insurance claims fund, and says that it will expedite payments for all legitimate claims. A team of 1,000 members is working around the clock to receive and process these claims as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are currently 33 field offices within the 4 affected states, and BP is accepting calls via an 800 number. The number has already processed more than 84,000 calls. The oil company is also accepting claims applications through the Internet. 

A Florida BP oil spill lawyer can help you to submit a thorough and fair claim if you’ve experienced the ill effects of the growing ecological and economical disaster. 

If your business has suffered damages as a result of the BP oil spill, you may be eligible for compensation in a business interruption claim. To learn more about BP oil spill business interruption claims visit our article library.  

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