Can I Claim Damages That Were Caused by a Florida Sinkhole?

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According to Florida law, your homeowners insurance provider must cover the property damages that are caused by a Florida sinkhole. This means that you may be compensated for any damages that were caused to your home and property. To file a Florida sinkhole damage claim, you will have to notify your homeowners insurance provider of the damages. 

Once notified of a Florida sinkhole, your insurance provider will send an expert to conduct a geological survey. This expert may either be a geologist or a geotechnical engineer, who will use scientific means to determine whether a Florida sinkhole exists. These scientific methods may include ground penetrating radar, electrical resistivity studies, and/or a drilling rig to bore a hole above the damaged area. 

If it is determined that a sinkhole does exist, then your insurance provider will send an adjuster to estimate the value of the damages. If, however, it is determined that a sinkhole does not exist, then your insurer will deny your sinkhole damage claim.  

If your claim is denied, then you may want to get the help of a Florida sinkhole claim attorney. An attorney may ensure that the geological studies are handled in a fair and lawful manner. If there is in fact a sinkhole, your attorney can make sure that your damages are paid by your homeowners insurance provider. 

If your Florida home has been damaged by a sinkhole, then you may be eligible for compensation in a Florida sinkhole claim. Visit our article library to read more about Filing an Insurance Claim for a Sinkhole in Florida.

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