Can I hire a lawyer to handle my Florida hurricane insurance claim?

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If you need to file an insurance claim after suffering property damage in a Florida hurricane, then YES, you can hire a lawyer to help you obtain your settlement. In fact, a lawyer is often a better option than a Florida public adjuster.  

By hiring a Florida hurricane lawyer to handle your property damage claim, you will have a professional negotiator by your side to represent your legal and financial interests. In addition to this, you’ll have the help of an expert who understands the ins-and-outs of the insurance industry. 

And while a public adjuster may not be able to get you the money you deserve, a hurricane attorney has the option of taking professional legal recourse. If your insurer fails to meet the terms of your insurance policy agreement, your Florida hurricane lawyer can pursue your interests in a formal court of law. 

There are also financial benefits to hiring a Florida hurricane attorney. This is because an attorney will not demand that you make unnecessary payments. On the other hand, if a public adjuster fails to negotiate a settlement, they will still demand payment by maintaining a lien on your claim. Why should you pay a public adjuster money that they do not deserve?     

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