Car Accident Lawyer in Dade County Explains How to Get a Good Settlement for a Car Accident Insurance Claim

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A car accident lawyer in Dade County can work with you to help you receive compensation for all of the damages you have incurred. Car accidents can be expensive; after all, you probably have medical bills to pay for, a vehicle to fix, lost wages to make up and emotional stress from the collision. A fair settlement can help ensure you don’t come up short should you require additional treatment in the future.

Proving a car accident insurance claim can be difficult; the insurance company will do everything it can to offer you the lowest settlement possible. An attorney can help you gather evidence to prove your claim and work with experts to estimate the amount of compensation you are owed. 

Protect Your Car Accident Insurance Claim

To get the best settlement for your car accident, it is important to protect your claim. Right after the collision, take photos of the accident scene, take down the contact information of witnesses and seek medical attention for your injuries. Next, immediately contact the insurance companies and consider consulting with a car accident attorney.

The insurance companies will try to get you to settle your accident claim as soon as possible; however, quickly agreeing to a claim may be a big mistake. Many insurance companies have clauses that prohibit you from later filing a lawsuit to request more compensation after you accept the settlement offer. This can be problematic if you later find your injuries are more serious than you initially thought.

You should also refuse to make any recorded statements to the insurance adjustor. Any mistakes may come back to hurt your claim. Instead, refer the adjustor to your attorney, who can make all statements for you.

The insurance company will likely attempt to demonstrate that you are not as seriously injured as you appear. For this reason, you should not miss any doctor or other medical appointments. In addition, start a journal detailing your injuries, appointments, treatment and more to later use as evidence and jog your memory. 

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Dade County

The car accident insurance claim process is confusing for many people, especially for those who do not understand the claims process. By working with a car accident lawyer in DadeCounty, you may increase your chances of a good settlement and ensure that your best interests are protected. For a free consultation, contact the Falk & Falk Law Firm today at 305-279-0999 to schedule an appointment.