Commercial Umbrella Insurance in Florida

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If you have a commercial property insurance policy in Florida, you may have the option to purchase commercial umbrella insurance to supplement your primary policy. Commercial umbrella insurance provides additional coverage when the coverage on your primary policy is exceeded in a claim. This can be extremely helpful if you are held liable for an accident or a loss of property in connection with your commercial property or business. 

For instance, if someone is injured on your commercial property and you are covered by your commercial property insurance policy for $50,000, but you are responsible for $100,000 in damages, your commercial umbrella insurance should cover the remaining $50,000 in damages. 

A good commercial umbrella insurance policy will generally cover things such as: 

  • personal injury;
  • contractual liability for written and oral agreements;
  • liquor law liability; and
  • extension coverage to other parties. 

Commercial property insurance in Florida can be a critical asset to your business. Unfortunately, just because you have coverage doesn’t mean your insurer will pay you when you make a claim. If you are denied or your claim is undervalued, a Florida commercial insurance attorney can look at your case to help you consider your legal options. 

Contacting a Florida Commercial Insurance Attorney 

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