Common Causes of Water Damage

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Water damage is a common occurrence in many Florida homes. And there are several different common causes of water damage in Florida. If your Florida home has been damaged by water, then you may be eligible for compensation in a residential insurance claim. 

To file a water damage claim, you can get the help of a South Florida water damage attorney. 

Some common causes of water damage in Florida include: 

  • Water leaks from your pool and damages your home – If water leaks from your pool and gets inside your home, then the damage that is caused will be covered by a residential claim. However, any damage to your lawn, or other land, will not be covered in this case.
  • A roof leak after a storm – If your roof leaks after a rainstorm, and causes damage to the interior of your home, then any damage to your interior, including your furniture, may be compensated in an insurance claim. However, the roof damage may not be compensated because it is considered a maintenance issue.
  • Your washing machine overflows – If your washing machine overflows and causes damage to your home, then you should be eligible for compensation in a Florida water damage claim. But your compensation may also depend on how your insurer evaluates the problem. 

There are many other types of scenarios that can lead to water damage, and not all are covered by your homeowners insurance. If your home has suffered from water damage in Florida, then you may want to file a residential claim for water damage. To do so, you may want the help of a Florida water damage attorney. 

Contacting a Florida Water Damage Attorney 

The water damage attorneys at Falk & Falk Law Firm know how important it is to you and your family to get the settlement you need in order to move on with your lives. Our South Florida water damage attorney team has experience in helping victims of natural disasters—and other homeowner’s nightmares—recover from their loss. An experienced attorney can help you to fight for the compensation that you need and navigate the tricky world of homeowners and hurricane insurance. Contact us today – 1-(305) 742-0878.