Dealing with Insurance Specialists in a Commercial Property Claim

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When your business property in Florida has been damaged because of a natural disaster, theft or other serious incident, your thoughts will almost immediately turn to filing a property damage claim. While you look to your insurance provider to provide the compensation you need through a Florida commercial property insurance claim, it may help to know a bit more of what to expect throughout the process. 

The Role of Insurance Specialists & Matters of Loyalty 

When you file a Florida commercial property insurance claim, you can plan on dealing with a number of insurance specialists. Perhaps the most important thing to know is that insurance specialists do not represent both you and your carrier. They will either exclusively represent you, the insured, or your carrier, the insurer. 

Some insurance specialists you will deal with who work for the insurance company include: 

  • staff members;
  • independent adjusters;
  • insurance claims accountants; and
  • attorneys. 

Luckily, you as the insured also have a number of resources at your disposal. 

Some of the insurance specialists you may work with for your claim include: 

  • agents and brokers;
  • insurance claims accountants; and
  • public adjusters. 

To help level the playing field and give your Florida commercial property insurance claim an advantage from the beginning, you’ll want to consider seeking representation from a Florida commercial insurance attorney. With so many insurance specialists and parties involved in your property damage claim, having a Florida commercial insurance attorney by your side may help give you that extra assurance that the needs of your business are being taken into consideration. 

In addition, having a Florida commercial insurance attorney deal with your property damage claim may be in your best interests for another reason: experience. Your attorney has likely dealt with many cases similar to yours and knows best how to interact with insurance specialists from both sides of your case. 

Knowing the individual roles of insurance specialists is crucial. This is true in the case of the insurer’s insurance specialists, to avoid being taken advantage of, and it is true of your insurance specialists, to make sure they are doing the best they can to make sure your Florida commercial property insurance claim is treated fairly. 

The most significant benefit of a Florida commercial insurance attorney is that you will have someone in your corner, fighting for your claim. In addition, a Florida commercial insurance attorney knows the role of each insurance specialist and what to expect from each of them. 

Insurance Specialists that Represent Your Carrier 

Perhaps the insurance specialists with whom you will have the most interaction are adjusters. The adjuster may either be independent or a staff member with your insurance carrier. 

The adjuster is going to determine: 

  • the cause of loss;
  • the extent of your property damage;
  • the cost for repairs; and
  • the amount of compensation you should receive. 

The impact an adjuster has on your Florida commercial property insurance claim is huge, which is why it’s important to never forget: these types of insurance specialists work for your carrier, not you, and will likely do anything possible to devalue your claim. 

When your Florida commercial property insurance claim involves significant losses and potential business interruption compensation, insurance claims accountants will likely be tasked to your case. These insurance specialists will evaluate your carrier’s calculations and may even estimate loss. Despite this secondary evaluation, these insurance specialists work for your carrier and will therefore be working in their favor, not yours. 

Insurance Specialists that Represent You 

When you have issues with your Florida commercial insurance claim, you may be able to turn to a broker or agent. A broker may help you determine your loss priorities or guide you through the claims process. In most cases, though, you’ll still have to prepare your own paperwork. 

When you question an adjuster’s initial settlement offer, you, too, can hire insurance claims accountants to take a second look at your losses. Some accountants will even negotiate with your insurer. Know though, that accountants who work on your behalf are rare and the cost may be high. 

Instead of working with public adjusters, who do charge a fee and typically cannot escalate your claim to a lawsuit (if necessary) consider working with a Florida commercial insurance attorney who can coordinate all stages of your claim, from paperwork and calculations to settlement negotiations. 

Attorneys in Florida Who Focus on Commercial Insurance Claims 

The Florida commercial insurance attorneys at Falk & Falk Law Firm know how important it is to you and your business interests to get the settlement you

need in order to remain competitive and successful. Our Florida commercial insurance attorneys have experience in helping businesses who have suffered loss because of hurricanes, theft, vandalism, fire, sinkholes and more. An experienced attorney can help you to fight for the compensation that you need and navigate the tricky world commercial insurance in Florida. Contact us today – 305-742-0878.