Do I Have Mold In My Florida Home?

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Due to the wet and temperate climate in Florida, homes are generally susceptible to infestations of mold. Mold grows in places that are damp, dark, and basically anywhere that has a water intrusion. This can be around leaky pipes, ventilation shafts, on walls, under carpets, and in your shower. Mold is also known to pose some serious health risks to a homeowner. 

Some signs of mold in your Florida home include: 

  • A damp or musty odor;
  • Green, blue, or black discolorations on your floor, ceiling or walls; and
  • Discolored spots around bathroom tiles, household plumbing, or grout. 

If you suspect that your Florida home has toxic mold, then you need to take care of it right away. Call an inspector to check the areas where you suspect there is a problem. If there is mold, then you need to have it removed, and depending on the severity of the problem it could cost you a lot of money. 

You may need to pay for repairs, relocation, and in a worst case scenario, any related medical expenses. Nevertheless, you may be eligible for compensation in a Florida homeowners insurance claim. 

To find out if you are eligible for compensation due to mold infestation in your Florida home, you should get professional advice from a Florida homeowners insurance claim attorney. 

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