Do I have to call police if I have been involved in a Miami car crash?

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If you’ve been in a Miami car crash, you may or may not have to call police, depending on the circumstances of your crash. According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, when your accident causes injury, death or property damage of more than $500, you must call police. 

When your Miami car crash is minor (you don’t need a tow truck, there are no injuries and property damage is less than $500) you don’t have to call police. 

Even so, you may want to. Not only is it hard to gauge with the eye alone whether the property damage from a Miami car crash is $500, you may actually have injuries and not know it yet. This is true for a number of problems, such as whiplash and even nerve damage. 

When you begin to notice injuries in the days after your Miami car crash, you may wish you had decided to call police and obtained a car accident report. This is because if you need to file a Florida personal injury claim with your insurance company or the other driver’s, a car accident report will lend credence to your injury claim. 

While Florida is a no-fault state and you have access to $10,000 of personal injury protection (PIP) after a Miami car crash, this may not get you very far if your condition is indeed found to be serious and you have to receive ongoing medical treatment or miss time at work. 

While you can’t backtrack and change your decisions in the moments after a Miami car crash, if you are suffering from injuries afterward, your best bet is to seek medical attention and talk with a Miami personal injury attorney, to determine if you may have grounds to file a Florida personal injury claim.

 Contacting a Miami Personal Injury Attorney 

After a serious Miami car crash leaves you with life-altering injuries, you’ll want to seek help from a lawyer with experience in cases like yours. The Miami personal injury attorneys at Falk & Falk know what to look for when investigating your case and can fight for your rights when negotiating with the insurance companies. Before you accept any settlement offers, contact the Florida Injury Lawyers at Falk & Falk for a free case consultation – (305) 279-0999.