Filing a Hurricane Claim in Florida (Part A)

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Hurricanes are powerful acts of nature that can leave a path of destruction in their wake. Many South Florida residents purchase insurance in order to repair their home or replace their property in the event of a hurricane. 

However, if you have purchased insurance in the event of a hurricane and the insurance company is denying your Florida hurricane claim, you may need the assistance of an experienced Miami hurricane claim lawyer in order to receive the settlement you are owed. 

What is South Florida Hurricane Insurance? 

Contrary to popular belief, there is no defined “hurricane insurance” policy. However, if you have purchased property, windstorm, and flood insurance coverage, you should be eligible to receive compensation for your Florida hurricane claim. These 3 policies should cover repairs and property replacement for anything that is damaged by the wind and flooding from a hurricane. 

A hurricane can pose a number of safety risks. Gas leaks, fires, lightning, and plumbing problems can all arise as the result of a hurricane. A good insurance policy will cover all of these potential dangers. 

Preparing for a Hurricane in South Florida 

The best thing to do before you ever need to file a South Florida hurricane claim is to use a video camera to tour your home. Be sure to go through every room and closet and show your most valuable items. This tape may be invaluable in the event that you must file a South Florida hurricane claim in the future. Ask a friend to store the tape for you, or make sure you take it when evacuating. 

You should also carefully review your insurance policies to determine if windstorm and flooding damage is covered. When in doubt, speak with a South Florida hurricane lawyer to make sure you fully understand your coverage and whether your insurance adjustor is honoring the terms of your policy. 

Filing a Hurricane Claim in South Florida 

If your home is affected by a hurricane, you will need to file a South Florida hurricane claim as soon as possible with your insurance company. This claim helps the insurance adjuster determine the amount of compensation you are eligible to receive for your damage. 

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