Filing an Insurance Claim for Fire Damage in Florida (Cont.)

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Never Misrepresent Your Damages in a Florida Fire Damage Claim 

The single most important Don’t when filing a Florida fire damage claim, is to not misrepresent your damages. This means don’t claim more money than your property was worth, or claim items that you never owned. Your insurer will look for any means possible to deny your Florida fire damage claim, and by misrepresenting your claim in any way, you’ll give them the perfect opportunity to do so. Under Florida law, if you misrepresent your claim, your insurer can deny your claim in its entirety

In fact, your insurance company will actually send someone to sift through your damaged property. They will go through the ashes that were left after the fire, and make a checklist of the items that you’ve claimed. If they find one clock radio instead of the 2 that you claimed, you may not be compensated at all. 

Mitigate Your Damages After Losing Property in a Florida Fire 

Even before you file your Florida fire damage claim, you should attempt to prevent any damages from becoming significantly worse. For instance, if you have plumbing damage after a fire, which is causing a leak, you should hire a plumber to stop the leak from causing further damage. This way, your insurer cannot claim that the damage was because of your failure to mitigate the problem. 

If you do hire a repairman to address issues after a fire, try not to pay them in cash, and get a receipt for the services rendered. You can submit the repairs for compensation with your Florida fire damage claim. 

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