Filing An Insurance Claim For Lightning Damage In Florida (Part A)

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Each year, lightning causes a great deal of damage to Florida homes and properties. In fact, lightning is responsible for more property damage than tornadoes and hurricanes combined. Lightning can cause fires, electrical surges, damage to household appliances, and reduce entire structures to smoldering piles of rubble. If your property has been damaged by a lightning strike, you may be eligible for compensation in a Florida lightning damage claim. 

When Lightning Strikes Home 

A lightning strike is usually indirect, meaning that it hits a tree or a pole outside, and travels through the electrical wires that run into your home. This can cause just as much damage as a direct strike, which is why it is necessary to have an appropriate lightning protection system installed. A protection system will control the surge by providing a path for the discharge of electricity. Whether a strike is direct or indirect, a sufficient system will safeguard your roof, gutters, air terminals, electrical panels, and other vulnerable areas of your dwelling. 

What To Do After a Lightning Strike 

Step 1: Once you’ve checked your property for any fires or safety hazards, you should call your homeowners insurance company to find out what your policy covers. Ask them what you may be compensated for in a Florida lightning damage claim. 

Step 2: Have an electrician come to check your wires and appliances. While there may not masteron for sale be any apparent damage, wall sockets, receptacles, and various outlets may have been affected by the strike. 

Step 3: After assessing the storm and lightning damage, you should then prepare the documents for your Florida lightning damage claim. Include any receipts or statements which may prove the values of your property.  Document the damages with photographs, and try to get an estimate of the values from an independent adjuster. 

Step 4: For assistance with estimating the value of your damages, or with submitting your Florida lightning damage claim, you can get the professional help of a Florida homeowners insurance attorney. 

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