Filing an Errors and Omissions Insurance Claim Against Your Insurance Agent in Florida

Anyone who lives in Florida knows the importance of having Florida hurricane insurance. And while many people trust their insurance agents to provide the right type of coverage, it sometimes happens that an agent’s errors and  ommissions can leave you without protection. If you are unable to claim money for hurricane damages because of an insurance agent’s mistake, then you may be able to recover damages by filing an errors and omissions insurance claim.

When is it a Florida hurricane insurance agent’s fault?

Buying insurance can be tricky business, which is why we turn to experts in the field. An agent should know what type of hurricane protection meets a client’s needs. Whether it is for your home, your business, or another commercial structure, in Florida, you must equip yourself with the right type of Florida hurricane insurance.

But different insurance policies provide different types of coverage. For instance, some policies provide flood protection, while others provide coverage against damaging winds, heavy rains or hail. An agent’s mistake can mean the failure to meet the specific conditions of your situation. This means that after a hurricane, you may be unable to recover the money that you need to repair the damages.

And while unintentional mistakes may be a simple case of negligence, an intentional failure may be a matter of misrepresentation. If an agent misrepresents certain policy terms, then they may have violated Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. This may also be in violation of the Florida Statute Insurance Code. To know whether your agent acted unfairly or illegally, you can get the professional help of a Florida hurricane attorney.

Whether the failure to provide the right insurance happened intentionally or by mistake, it simply means that you were left without hurricane protection. And this may be a result of the negligence or malice of someone you trusted. If you believe that you had purchased the right type of Florida hurricane insurance, only to find that your insurance agent left you unprotected, then you may file an errors and omissions insurance claim against the agent whom you hired to provide the coverage.

At this point, it is in your best interest to get the help of a Florida hurricane attorney who can help you to examine the details of your situation and determine whether you have the grounds for an errors and omissions insurance claim.

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