Filing an Errors and Omissions Insurance Claim Against Your Insurance Agent in Florida, Cont.

Filing a Claim Against an Agent

An agent’s failure to obtain the coverage that you requested makes them liable for your losses. If after a hurricane you find yourself without the proper hurricane protection, your only line of recovery may be through the insurance agent. To get the money that you need and deserve, you can file an errors and omissions insurance claim against the agent in a proper court of law. You can recover as much money as the hurricane protection you requested would have covered.

What can a Florida hurricane attorney do?

A hurricane attorney can fight for your rights in a hurricane protection errors and omissions claim. An attorney can investigate the coverage that you requested, compared to that which you received, and evaluate the representation that was provided by your insurer.

By inquiring whether an agent was at fault for the failure to provide hurricane protection, a hurricane attorney may decide that you have a right to compensation.

These cases are often complicated, and require a certain level of expertise. In order to proceed with a lawsuit, and recover the money you deserve, there will be filings, disputes, submissions of records and various court proceedings. To go through this alone is an intimidating task, and you risk the possibility of making inadvertent mistakes. To ensure that you are treated fairly, you can get the help of a hurricane attorney.

The hurricane attorneys at Falk & Falk know how important it is to you and your family to get the settlement you need in order to move on with your lives. Our hurricane attorneys have experience in helping victims of natural disasters—and other home-owners’ nightmares—recover from their loss. 

Our skilled attorneys can help you to fight for the compensation that you need and navigate the tricky world of home-owners and hurricane insurance. Contact us today – 1-(305) 742-0878.

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