Fire Damage Claims: When a Lawyer is Necessary (Part A)

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If your South Florida home has been damaged by a fire, and you have the necessary homeowners insurance, you may be eligible for compensation in a Florida fire damage claim. To get started with the process, you may find it helpful to contact a South Florida fire damage lawyer who has experience in helping victims to file homeowners insurance claims. 

Why should I hire a South Florida fire damage lawyer? 

When claiming damages after an accident, it is always best to have an experienced professional on your side. By hiring a South Florida fire damage lawyer, you can avoid making costly mistakes in your fire damage claim. 

First and foremost, your lawyer will understand how insurance companies work, and will know how to identify and address the clever tricks of the industry. 

Examples of common tactics used by homeowners insurance companies include:  

  • underestimating the value of your damages;
  • hiring biased investigative professionals; and
  • delaying the investigation.

Insurance companies will do these things to watch their bottom line. An experienced South Florida fire damage lawyer will recognize such tactics and be able to provide you with a game plan on how to answer to these challenges.

What can a South Florida fire damage lawyer do?

A lawyer can help with a number of scenarios in a fire damage claim. For instance, if your insurer does not respond to your homeowners insurance claim, an attorney will know what measures to take, including directly contacting your state’s insurance commissioner.

Other scenarios in which a lawyer can help include:

  • Your insurance company denies your claim.
  • Your insurer underestimates the value of your claim.
  • You are requested to attend an examination under oath.

If you are faced with any of these scenarios, and you need professional advice, you can consult an experienced South Florida fire damage lawyer.

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