Flanigans Seafood Bar and Grill in Weston, Florida

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So, one is considering going to Weston, Florida, for a getaway. Another may ask, “Why to go to Weston, Florida?”. Well, one main reason is to simply go for the “good eats”. When traveling most visitors and vacationers have a list of “To-Dos” upon arriving at their planned destination spot. The “To-Dos” can be anything from site seeing, amusement parks, festivals (of all kinds be it music or cultural among many others), national monuments and museums and the list can go on and on. However, it does not matter what is on your list, getting a good meal and trying some of the local favorites are always on a traveler’s list of things to do. Most travelers who want to create memorable experiences would want to take in some of the local cultures. And, taking in some of the local cultures has got to include food. Yes, food can not only be a fun item on one’s to-do list but it is a necessity for energy to keep the body moving. So, why not enjoy some of the best foods while soaking up some of the local cultures on vacation. Therefore, if you are in Weston, Florida, then a must-try is Flanigans Seafood Bar and Grill. Although Flaningans is often stated by locals as being legendary for their Baby Back Ribs (which can ring true since they sell well over the million pounds mark each year), Flanigans is also famous for their fresh fish and seafood selections. Their preparation options are unique and this is what sets them apart. For example, menu items like their Blacken Tuna, Dolphin Francaise, or firecracker shrimp with pico de gallo just to mention a few. Their cuisines are specialized in American, Bar, and Seafood but they have special diet options also.

Flanigans Seafood Bar and Grill

Address: 2460 Weston Rd, Weston, FL 33326

Phone number: (954) 385-8080