Florida Commercial Insurance Claims: Fighting Arson and Fraud Allegations

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If your Florida commercial property has been damaged by a fire, you may be eligible for damages in a Florida commercial insurance claim. However, when you file a Florida commercial insurance claim, your insurer will conduct an investigation, in which they will look for viable ways to deny your commercial insurance claim. When you claim damages because of a fire, one way your insurer may deny your claim is through allegations of arson and fraud

Arson is one of the most common grounds for denying fire damage claims. In such cases, insurers allege that a property owner has set fire to their own commercial property and then filed a fraudulent claim for the damages that they’ve suffered. If your Florida commercial insurance claim is denied because of similar allegations, you can consult with an experienced Florida commercial insurance attorney to get a better idea of how to fight for the compensation you need and deserve. 

Fighting Allegations of Arson or Fraud 

If you have been accused of fraud after filing a Florida commercial insurance claim, your attorney can handle the communications with your insurer on your behalf. 

Your Florida commercial insurance attorney should have experience handling cases that have been denied on the basis of suspected fraud or arson and have a plan to best approach your case and demonstrate your innocence. To prove your innocence, your Florida commercial insurance attorney may: 

  • present evidence that has been gathered in your case, such as photographs of the damage to your business;
  • submit the official police report;
  • interview witnesses; and
  • submit the testimony of experts, such as arson investigators and scientists. 

If your attorney is able to successfully demonstrate your innocence of commercial arson and fraud, you may proceed to fight for damages. In a Florida commercial insurance claim, or a business interruption claim, you may be compensated for: 

  • damage to your commercial building and its structures;
  • damage to the contents of your building, such as sustanon for sale fixtures, furniture, machinery, and equipment;
  • profits that you would have earned if your property had not been damaged;
  • your operating expenses while your business is interrupted; and
  • the expense of operating at a temporary location while your property is being repaired. 

When seeking compensation in a Florida commercial insurance claim, your Florida commercial insurance attorney will have to show the value of your damages. To do so, you will have to provide evidence such as financial statements, purchase receipts, tax returns, inventory data and any other relevant information. Your Florida commercial insurance attorney can advise you throughout this process. 

Help with Your Florida Commercial Insurance Claim 

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