Florida Fire Damages Claims

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If you plan to file an insurance claim after a damaging Florida fire, then you must be careful not to inflate the value of your claim. As tempting as this may be, by misrepresenting your claim, you will put your entire settlement at risk. Even an innocent mistake can have detrimental effects on your settlement. 

In fact, your insurer would love for you to falsify your claim or make errors in your reports. And they will thoroughly investigate your damaged property, in an attempt to detect any discrepancies. They will even sift through the ashes of your home, and if they find that you have lied, then by Florida law, they’ll have the chance to deny the entirety of your claim. 

This is because an insurer can deny a claim in its entirety if the claimant misrepresents their damages. Therefore, it is important to document your losses properly. Before filing your claim, make a list of the damages and include the current true values. Insurers have been known to deny compensation even when the claimant has made a mistake. 

What if my insurer claims misrepresentation? 

If you have a problem getting the money you deserve because your insurer has claimed misrepresentation, then you may want to get the professional help of a Florida insurance claim attorney. An attorney can investigate your case, and pursue your compensation in a formal court of law. 

If you have recently suffered fire damage to your Florida home or business, you may want to file an insurance claim. To know what actions to take, you can visit our article Filing an Insurance Claim for Fire Damage in Florida

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