Florida Homeowners Insurance Company Secrets: Repairs vs. Replacement

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When your home in Florida has sustained severe damage, be it through a fire, hurricane, sinkhole or otherwise, you may find yourself grappling with what to do next. If an insurance adjuster says the damage can be repaired, rather than replaced, don’t necessarily take his or her word for it. Unfortunately, your Florida homeowners insurance company isn’t always going to be forthcoming with details you want—and need to know. 

First, take a look at your policy to see if you purchased replacement coverage. If so, your insurer may have to pay for the replacement cost of the entire damaged property, instead of just a few repairs. Since your homeowners insurance company is looking to cut costs on its end at any turn, if repairs cost less than replacement, that could be your insurance adjuster’s solution, even if it is not in your best interest. 

A great example of this is if intense winds damaged the siding of your home. Even if you have replacement coverage, if you’re not aware of this, your homeowners insurance company could just offer to repair some of the siding instead of replacing it entirely, much to your detriment. 

If you did purchase replacement coverage, you could try to negotiate with your homeowners insurance company to get the replacement costs covered. If you’re having difficulties or if you want to safeguard your rights as soon as possible, you could go ahead and hire a Florida homeowners insurance attorney. 

An attorney is aware of insurance company secrets, such as rights in your policy that insurance adjusters may not necessarily share with you. With this in mind, your Florida homeowners insurance attorney can assist you with each stage of your claim, to help you secure an adequate amount for your losses.  

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