Florida Public Adjusters Are Facing Heat

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Florida public adjusters are facing a legal battle with major insurance trade groups who are supporting legislation to curb the ways that the public adjusters operate. 

News of this battle came after a February filing of legislative bills by Senator Mike Bennett and Representative Janet Long, two Florida politicians who allege that public adjusters inflate their insurance claims, which drives up insurance costs for policyholders. In support of the bills, The Florida Insurance Council, Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, and the Florida Property Casualty Association made statements to back the legislation.  

According to some public adjusters, who represent property owners’ interests during negotiations with insurance companies, their industry is under fire because of big money’s influence. They say that the insurance companies are frustrated with public adjusters because they help insurance claims get paid. Some allege that this legislation is meant to prevent policyholders from getting help to receive the money that they deserve.

As an alternative to hiring a public adjuster to negotiate insurance claims, policyholders have the option of hiring an insurance claims attorney. An attorney can negotiate the terms of a settlement and they also have a means of taking legal action against insurers. 

If you have recently suffered property damage after a hurricane in Florida, you may want to know your options for negotiating a settlement. To learn more you can visit our article Why Choose a Lawyer Over a Public Adjustor?

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