How long does my insurer have after I file a homeowners claim to pay my compensation?

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If you have suffered damage to your Florida home, and you have filed a homeowners insurance claim, then there is generally a time frame in which your insurer is required to pay your claim. This time frame is normally specified in the language within your insurance policy. 

If you have questions regarding the time frame in which your Florida homeowners insurance claim must be paid, you can consult an experienced Florida homeowners insurance attorney. 

If you review your Florida homeowners insurance policy, then you will probably see language that says something like: 

  • “We will pay your claim within 20 days of the date that we reach an agreement in writing”; or
  • “We will pay your claim 30 (or 60) days after the entry of an appraisal award or a final legal judgment.”  

While this may not be the exact language that is written in your policy, it is similar to most policies that are issued in the state of Florida. 

If you have filed a Florida homeowners insurance claim, and your claim has not been paid within the specified amount of time stated in your policy, then you should get the professional help of a Florida homeowners insurance attorney. 

Contacting a Florida Homeowners Insurance Attorney 

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