How to File a Florida Theft Claim

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If you come home one day only to find that your South Florida home has been broken into, there are steps you should take to file a Florida theft claim. A homeowners insurance policy will usually cover you for theft. But if you have questions about which steps to take, you can consult an experienced Florida homeowners insurance attorney. 

Immediately After a Florida Home Break-in  

After you discover that your home has been broken into, you should first make sure that the burglars have left your home. You may want to call the police and wait outside the residence until they arrive. When the police arrive, they will take your statement, and a detective may be sent to gather evidence. Once the police leave your home you can start the Florida theft claim process. 

It would also be a good idea to pay a visit to your neighbors. Ask them if they noticed any suspicious activity, and warn them that a burglary has occurred. 

What to List in Your Florida Theft Claim 

Once the police have secured your residence, collected all evidence (fingerprints, etc.) and have departed, go through your belongings to determine what was stolen. This will help you when filing your Florida theft claim, and with any follow-up police investigations. If you can, make an itemized list of the things that were stolen, and list the most valuable items first. 

While determining what was stolen, be careful not to tamper with anything that might be considered as evidence. Not only could this infringe upon a criminal investigation, it could also affect your Florida theft claim. Also, do not tamper with the entrance the burglars used. 

If you are unsure about how to file your Florida theft claim, you can contact a Florida homeowners insurance attorney. A Florida homeowners insurance attorney can guide you through the process to advocate that your insurance company offers you a fair settlement for your losses. 

In the case that it doesn’t, a Florida homeowners insurance attorney can speak up on your behalf, and escalate your Florida theft claim to lawsuit status, if necessary. 

Filing a Florida Theft Claim 

To file your Florida theft claim, you will need to phone your homeowners insurance company. You should do this immediately after phoning the police. Once your insurance company has been notified, a Florida theft claims representative should contact you. 

The claims representative will ask for the report number that the police have given you. 

The claims representative may also ask you questions such as: 

  • What did you tell the police?
  • Where was the burglar’s point of entry?
  • Do you need emergency repairs for your home?                  

Next, they will ask for an itemized list of the things that were stolen. If you cannot identify everything that was stolen, do the best you can. This will help them establish your Florida theft claim. Once this is done, a claims adjuster will visit your home. This can happen within an hour of filing your Florida theft claim. 

When the adjuster arrives at your home, they will: 

  • assess the damage;
  • arrange repairs for the point of entry; and
  • investigate the theft. 

While at your home, the adjuster will ask you questions to assess your Florida theft claim. The adjuster should explain the process of compensation, and you might want to ask how your deductible will be applied. At this point, the adjuster may even offer you compensation on-the-spot. Be wary of signing any settlement offers if they seem low or unfair in any way. 

Addressing Issues with Your Florida Theft Claim 

If the adjuster has an issue with your Florida theft claim, or if they plan to dispute it, you may need legal help. If this happens, you should contact a Florida homeowners insurance attorney. An experienced Florida homeowners insurance attorney can fight to get you get the money that you need to secure full repairs and to completely replace what was lost.    

 The benefit of hiring a Florida homeowners insurance attorney over enlisting the service of a public adjuster is that a Florida homeowners insurance attorney has the experience and resources to represent you in legal matters. And if you have to fight for your compensation, your Florida homeowners insurance attorney can advocate on your behalf in court. 

Contacting a Florida Homeowners Insurance Attorney 

The Florida homeowners insurance attorney team at Falk & Falk Law Firm knows how important it is to you and your family to get the settlement you need to move on with your lives. Our attorney team has experience in helping victims of break-ins—and other homeowner’s nightmares—recover from their loss. An experienced attorney can help you to fight for the compensation that you need and navigate the tricky world of homeowners insurance. Contact us today – (305) 742-0878.