If You Can’t Evacuate Before a Hurricane in Miami

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In ideal circumstances, you will be able to safety evacuate your home in any instance where it is necessary to adhere to Miami hurricane evacuation procedures. 

If extenuating circumstances prevent you from evacuating your home before a hurricane makes landfall or you do not live in an evacuation zone in Miami, there are steps that you can take to protect yourself, your home and your personal property during a Florida hurricane. 

These steps include: 

  • staying up-to-date on storm information through TV, radio and Internet broadcasts.
  • securing your storm shutters or boarding your windows, and removing any debris (wheelbarrows, gardening tools and tree branches) from your yard;
  • turning off your propane tanks;
  • filling your car with gas;
  • buying an adequate supply of bottled water and several days’ worth of canned food; and
  • sanitizing your bathtub with bleach and water, rinsing thoroughly and refilling with clean water in case the water supply is interrupted. 

If you do have time to evacuate your home, then you can go to your nearest Hurricane Evacuation Center (HEC). During a hurricane, Dade county public schools and the American Red Cross operate these Hurricane Evacuation Centers to provide a safe place for hurricane evacuees. 

If you live in Miami-Dade County, then it is important to be aware of Miami hurricane evacuation procedures. After a storm has passed, you may claim compensation for the damage to your home. A Miami hurricane lawyer can help with your hurricane damage claim. 

Contacting a Miami Hurricane Lawyer  

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