Is my business’ sign covered under my Florida commercial property insurance policy?

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To determine whether your Florida commercial property insurance policy will cover damage to your business’ sign, you’ll need to consider the sign’s proximity to your building. 

If you own a Florida commercial property insurance policy, then a sign that is detached from the building will generally not be covered if it is damaged. If the sign is attached to the building, then it typically will be covered by a policy. In most cases, an attached sign is covered under the same terms that cover the building. 

A Florida commercial property insurance policy is meant to protect your business against loss, damage or theft. This will generally cover the costs of repair for damaged property, and the replacement of property you have lost. To know which of your assets are covered under your policy, you can review your policy and/or call your insurance representative. 

If your attached sign has been damaged, and you have a Florida commercial property insurance policy, then you should file an insurance claim. An adjuster will then determine whether you are entitled to compensation. If an adjuster underestimates your compensation, or denies your insurance claim, then you should contact a Florida commercial insurance attorney. 

When an insurer refuses you the money you deserve, a Florida commercial insurance attorney can try to negotiate with the insurer. If that doesn’t work, then you may choose to file a lawsuit in a formal court of law. In a lawsuit, your Florida commercial insurance attorney can represent your legal interests. 

Contacting a Florida Commercial Insurance Attorney 

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