Lightning Strikes Florida Home

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A Winter Park, Florida couple was sent running from their home this month when lightning sparked a fire that set their attic ablaze. According to Bob and Mary Bell, the couple was watching television when they heard a thunderclap from the storm that was raging outside. While they knew a lightning strike had occurred nearby, the Bells didn’t realize their home had been hit until they smelled the billowing smoke. The lightning strike had actually set fire in two different areas of their attic.

The couple immediately called the police and moved their cars out of the driveway. When firefighters arrived, they smothered the blaze and removed the burning insulation. Fortunately, the fire was mostly contained within the attic of the home, and no signs of damage can be seen from the street. Nonetheless, the Bells insisted that this was the worst damage their property had ever suffered. Most of the rooms had been damaged, either by fire or by smoke. The couple said that most of the damages will be covered by their Florida homeowners insurance.

If You Have Suffered Lightning Damages 

If you have recently suffered lightning damage to your Florida home or business, you may be eligible for compensation in a Florida homeowners insurance claim. To know what actions to take, visit Filing an Insurance Claim for Lightning Damage in Florida in our article library.  

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