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A Miami auto accident attorney may be helpful in recovering compensation to cover related costs for injuries like a calcaneus fracture. This serious injury may have a significant impact on the driver’s ability to walk or perform other activities that require putting weight on the foot. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), motor vehicle crashes are a common cause of this injury.

If you were recently involved in a car accident and sustained a calcaneus fracture, speak with a lawyer to help you with the injury claim process. Your attorney may also gather medical evidence to estimate the amount of compensation necessary to cover your treatment, rehabilitation and lost wages. 

Calcaneus Fractures

The calcaneus is a weight-bearing bone located at the back of the foot. Breaking the calcaneus bone requires significant impact, and many such injuries are sustained in high-energy collisions. However, when this bone is broken, it can make walking and moving the foot up and down quite difficult. Some people with this type of fracture may develop an altered gait and have problems walking on uneven surfaces.

A calcaneus fracture may occur during a car accident when a vehicle is hit and the brake pedal impacts the driver’s left foot. Because of the force of a head-on collision, the bone may be shattered in the accident according to the AAOS.

If you have a clean break, it is possible that the bone will heal without surgery; however, if the bones are not lined up properly or they are broken into several fragments, surgical intervention may be required.

Some people who have sustained a calcaneus fracture never make a full recovery from their injuries, and some people may constantly feel pain or discomfort in the injured heel. The fact that this is a weight-bearing bone can also make it difficult to heal.

A calcaneus fracture can also lead to arthritis down the road, which can also lead to discomfort and pain years after the car accident. The potential long-term consequences should be taken into account when filing a personal injury claim for financial and emotional losses. 

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As you can see, a calcaneus fracture is a serious injury that requires extensive treatment and can result in long-term problems. The Miamiauto accident attorneys at the Falk & Falk Law Firm are dedicated to helping car accident victims like you recover the compensation necessary for recovery. To learn how we can help, call 305-279-0999 today for a free consultation.