Miami Beach Personal Injury Attorney Looks at Car Insurance Bad Faith Practices

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A Miami Beach personal injury attorney knows that despite having car insurance, bad faith practices can keep you from receiving the money you may be entitled to receive. While a variety of tactics can be used, the general idea is to avoid making a payout, or at the very least, to pay less than what you may deserve as a result of damages stemming from a car accident.

Tactics Used to Diminish or Deny Your Claim

Bad faith occurs when the insurance company illegally attempts to delay, diminish or deny your payment. Some of the tactics used seem inconvenient in the beginning, but when the process continues to drag on or your claim is unfairly denied, those actions may be found to be unreasonable. This could lead you to pursue legal action against the insurance company, with which a Miami Beach personal injury attorney may assist.

The following are some tactics that may constitute a car insurance bad faith claim: 

  • reduced payment without explanation;
  • claim denial without explanation;
  • denying claim despite obvious liability;
  • unnecessarily delaying payment;
  • not offering a decision within a reasonable time frame;
  • not communicating with a claimant;
  • misrepresenting the policy;
  • requiring unnecessary paperwork;
  • not investigating the claim; and
  • terminating the policy after filing a claim.

These are just some of the methods that might qualify as car insurance bad faith practices. If you are having trouble with an insurance company or suspect your claim may be subject to bad faith, consult an attorney to determine if the situation qualifies.

Unfortunately, not all policyholders are aware of their rights and may let the frustration or confusion of the process overwhelm them. As a result, it could lead to missing out on what policyholders are legally entitled to receive to cover damages from the accident like property damage, medical bills and more.

Consulting a Miami Beach Personal Injury Attorney 

If you suspect or have proof that you are the victim of car insurance bad faith practices, speak with an Eric at Falk & Falk as soon as possible. Don’t let the insurance company intimidate you into accepting less than what you deserve. For help with your case, call our law firm at 1-305-279-0999 to speak with a Miami Beach personal injury attorney.