Miami Hurricane Evacuation Tips

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According to Miami hurricane evacuation procedures, there are certain rules to follow in the case of an approaching hurricane that is predicted to cause significant damage. 

Some tips for evacuating your home before a hurricane makes landfall in the greater Miami area include: 

  • follow the evacuation instructions of your local authorities, as certain areas must be evacuated while others may be safe;
  • evacuate your mobile home or any temporary structure that isn’t safely grounded;
  • evacuate the upper floor of any high-rise building as hurricane winds are generally stronger at higher elevations;
  • stay away from coastal areas, as well as floodplains, islands and major waterways; and
  • if you have nowhere else to go after evacuating your Florida home, head to your nearest government-provided Hurricane Emergency Center.  

As a hurricane approaches, listen to TV, Internet and radio broadcasts to stay updated on news pertaining to Miami hurricane evacuation procedures. Such procedures may save your life in the event of a devastating storm. Your local authorities will have more information about the procedures for your specific neighborhood and may be able to direct you to the preferred evacuation routes, as well. 

If you live in Miami-Dade County, then it is important to be aware of Miami hurricane evacuation procedures. After a storm has passed, you may claim compensation for the damage to your home. A Miami hurricane lawyer can help with your hurricane damage claim. 

Contacting a Miami Hurricane Lawyer 

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