Motorcycle Defect Accident Attorneys Looks at Ft. Lauderdale Accidents Caused by Defects

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Injured in a motorcycle accident? Accident attorneys familiar with motorcycle defect cases know the complexities that can be involved in a crash caused by the bike itself. If you suffered serious injuries in a Fort Lauderdale accident caused by a defect, seek legal counsel immediately.

Defective Motorcycle Claims

This type of claim may be filed if the bike was designed improperly. In other words, improper design of the motorcycle is responsible for the accident or incident that led to injuries. In some cases, it could be that parts on the bike were defective and caused an accident and/or injury.

An example of a bike not being designed correctly is one that wobbles at higher speeds because the frame is not properly designed. As a result, the rider may be at a higher risk of losing control and crashing.

Any part of the bike could be defective, from the handlebars and steering to defective tires and brakes. When there is something wrong with a bike’s parts and it leads to an accident, you may be able to hold the negligent party liable for your injuries and recover compensation through a claim.

Liability for a bike crash caused by defective parts or design could include the manufacturer, dealership, supply store or shipping company depending on the circumstances. You may even be able to seek legal action against more than one party in some cases.

It will be important to preserve all evidence after your accident. This could include a copy of the police report, photographs, and statements from witnesses. But the bike itself will also be helpful in establishing whether or not something was wrong with it or if there were problems with the parts.

Damages in a Bike Crash Caused by Defects

The damages you are entitled to seek in a claim will depend on the extent of your injuries, the expenses you have incurred, and the losses you have suffered. Unfortunately, victims of a motorcycle accident may sustain serious or life-threatening injuries; this could result in significant damages and, thus, significant compensation.

The following are some of the types of damages that may be available in a motorcycle defect claim: 

  • medical care and treatment (current and future costs);
  • missed time from work (current and future earnings);
  • pain and suffering;
  • permanent disability;
  • disfigurement; and
  • mental anguish. 

Consulting with a Lawyer 

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