Negligence Related to Your Florida Pollution Claim

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Because of what is known as the “absolute pollution exclusion,” homeowners insurance generally excludes coverage for the release of harmful pollutants. This means is that if you have suffered property damage because of pollution near your home in Florida, there is a good chance that you cannot claim damages on your homeowners insurance policy.   

If you have suffered damages because of pollution near your home or business, United States law may provide that you can claim damages in a lawsuit. Under the theory of negligence, you may bring a lawsuit if someone has acted in a careless manner that has caused you harm. 

If someone’s harmful conduct has caused pollution that has injured you or damaged your property, you may be eligible for damages such as: 

  • the cost of cleanup and repairs;
  • your diminished property values; or
  • bodily injury caused by exposure to harmful pollutants. 

Homeowners claims that result from pollution near your Florida property have the potential to become quite complicated. If you are concerned about how your insurer is handling your Florida pollution claim or your claim has been denied, an attorney who handles homeowners insurance claims can talk to you about your options for recourse.  

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