Negligent Driving is the Main Cause for Miami Car Accidents

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Many Miami car accidents that cause serious injuries and death are primarily due to negligent driving in which you, as a victim, may be entitled to file a claim

Negligent driving could be the cause of: 

  • a driver taking their eyes off the road to watch a police officer give someone a ticket;
  • a driver putting on or taking off a sweater; or
  • a driver changing the radio station. 

These types of distractions cause negligent driving because a driver’s full attention isn’t on the road and they don’t have full control of their car. 

Negligent driving also consists of speeding and aggressiveness on the road. Speeding causes Miami car accidents because the driver doesn’t have enough time to stop for the unexpected or he/she could easily lose control of the car. 

Driving aggressively can consist of tailgating or weaving in and out of traffic. Aggressive driving is also considered negligent driving because the driver doesn’t have enough room to stop or give enough warning to other drivers. 

After you’ve been in a Miami car accident, it’s hard to prove that a negligent driver is at fault without seeking legal help. A Miami car accident attorney has the experience to find proof of negligent driving for you to receive compensation for your injuries and damages. Read more about negligent driving in our article library.

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