Peace Mound Park’s Tranquil Beauty in Weston, Florida

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Peace Mound Park located in Weston, Florida is a beautiful, lush, and quiet park built on an ancient Native American village and Tequesta Trace burial mound. Built-in 1987, the park covers approximately eight acres with beautiful waterfront views, a fishing dock, shelter areas for picnics, a gazebo, and a large shaded playground for the kids to run out some energy. While the town was being constructed, archaeologists located remains and artifacts of the Tequesta people. Planning for this park also included archaeological features, such as the walking path displaying several sidewalk plaques with historical information about the Tequesta Native Americans. Archaeologists were even able to date some of their findings back 4000-5000 years. Also noted by archaeologists was the Tequesta emigrated from northern Florida. Along with the Tequesta people, The Seminoles also used this land through the 1940s. The gorgeous landscaping gives a nice relaxing area for walking your dog or enjoying a ride on your bike. Keep your eye open for different wildlife including different species of birds and fish, some have even mentioned seeing harmless snakes. Several reviews were written about Peace Mound Park Mention in detail the cleanliness and accessibility of the park, and state that went in the park they feel at peace. Planning for the park took care to pay homage to the Native Americans well making the park fun, safe, and well-maintained. The park is located at 1300 Three Village Road and is open to the public daily from eight in the morning till nine in the evening.

Peace Mound Park

 1300 Three Village Rd, Weston, FL 33326

 (954) 389-4321