Persecuting Reckless Drivers for Damages or Injuries in Miami

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It’s Worth Hiring a Miami Auto Accident Attorney for Reckless Driver Offense

A reckless driver on our Florida roadways should understand it is against the law to drive without regard for anyone else’s safety. A Miami auto accident attorney can help if you sustained property damages or were injured because of a reckless driver’s negligence.

Florida Statute 316.192 protects the public from reckless drivers. It identifies them as guilty of reckless driving if he or she “drives any vehicle in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.” This could mean: 

  • driving too fast for the traffic or weather conditions;
  • failure to yield the right-of-way as indicated by road signs or signals;
  • passing a vehicle by way of the road’s shoulder or sidewalk; and
  • other unsafe driving actions.

Consequences for Reckless Driving

Under Florida driving laws, a driver who is convicted of reckless driving will have their driver’s license revoked if they have three cases of reckless driving within a year’s time.

A conviction of reckless driving can occur even if the driver forfeits bail and does not show in court. This action counts as a conviction of reckless driving and the same consequences will occur.

Justice for Victims of Reckless Driving

As obvious as it may seem to you, Florida’s definition of reckless driving may be easily challenged by a skillful defense attorney since “willful or wanton disregard” is open for interpretation.

It is up to your prosecuting team to show the driver was indifferent to the outcome and the possible harmful effects his or her driving might cause. The prosecutor also must prove that the reckless driver should have known his or her driving posed a hazard.

To convince a judge or jury of reckless driving, you need to a strong legal team on your side. Enlisting the help of an experienced Miami auto accident attorney is the best way for you to get justice and receive the compensation you deserve.


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