Ruptured tendon accident injury? Call Personal Injury Attorney in Miami

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A ruptured tendon can be an extremely painful accident injury. Personal injury attorneys in Miami recommend anyone suffering with a ruptured tendon seek immediate medical help. Once your accident injury is stabilized, you can then discuss the details of your accident with a personal injury attorney in Miami, and the possibility of filing a claim or lawsuit.

Evidence of Your Ruptured Tendon Presented by a Personal Injury Attorney in Miami 

As an accident injury, your ruptured tendon may be eligible for a personal injury claim. You will need to prove the injury was related to the accident. Documents that can show how the incident happened and who caused it will help your case.

If a police report or accident report had to be filed, try and get a copy. Any medical treatment you received at the scene could prove invaluable. Follow up with the paramedic facility that responded and treated you so you can have record of your initial assessment.

You also should collect all medical receipts; notes from hospital visits and rehabilitative services; and medication payments you have accumulated. You may be able to seek compensation for all these medical expenses.

If you have been unable to work because of the ruptured tendon, record of your income may be used to request compensation for lost wages or loss of your future earning capacity.

Your personal injury attorney in Miami will be able to tell you what else you may need for your particular case and help you gather evidence.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Many people do not know that there are statutes of limitations on filing a personal injury lawsuit. In Florida, you have four years to bring a case against a negligent party.

You also should notify the possible defendant that you are planning on filing a lawsuit. This should be done soon after the accident. Understand this action does not obligate you to file a lawsuit. It just alerts the defendant that an injury or damage has occurred.

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An accident injury often requires an investigation into the accident’s cause and who is at fault. At Falk & Falk, we work hard by fighting for our clients’ rightful restitution. We have been helping accident victims receive the recovery they need by helping them pursue the right avenues for compensation. Our personal injury attorneys in Miami are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give us call to discuss your case: 305-279-0999.