Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, FL

Sawgrass Mills Mall

Sawgrass Mills Mall, located in Sunrise, FL, is an amazing experience whether you are fond of malls or not. Like the cliche “when in Rome,” I do not hesitate much to say “when in Sunrise” due to the mass amounts of stores, food, and unique features that Sawgrass Mills Mall has to offer. With over 350 different stores and 15 restaurants to choose from, you could spend a whole week exploring the mall and still not see everything that it has to offer. The best thing about it though is that you can go there, looking for just about anything, and odds are that you will find that thing, store, food, etc. after a quick look at a directory. It even has 70 luxury outlet stores meant to cater to those who have a pretty penny or even those attracted to the allure of what a pretty penny can buy you. Sawgrass Mills Mall is internationally-renowned and includes special features such as a gallery of artwork designed to be an illusion. This feature adds to the amusement element of the overall mall experience and allows it to step up from the typical run-of-the-mill mall experience that most people are used to having. If you have not yet witnessed or experienced Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, FL, then I highly suggest you check it out. Even if a day at the mall is not exactly your cup of tea, I guarantee that you will find something there that makes turns your head and makes you wonder, why can’t all malls be like this?

Sawgrass Mills Mall

12801 W Sunrise Blvd, Sunrise, FL 33323

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