Should I File A BP Oil Spill Claim?

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If your Florida business or home is being damaged by the BP oil spill, then YES, you should definitely protect yourself by filing a BP oil spill claim. There is no reason why you should suffer as a result of the negligence of this oil company. Thousands of businesses and individuals have already filed claims in Louisiana and Mississippi, and now the spill is threatening the coastal shores of Northern Florida. With oil predicted to come ashore on the west and east coasts as well, it looks as though the entire state will be damaged by this catastrophic oil spill. 

If you are a fisherman, businessman, or property owner who has been affected by this spill, then you may be entitled to compensation from BP’s $20 billion claims fund

There is also compensation available through the United States Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund. To recover money from either of these funds, you’ll need to file a claim with your insurance coverage provider. You can do so with the professional help of a Florida insurance claims attorney. An attorney will investigate your case, and can estimate the value of your claim. If BP refuses you the money you deserve, then your attorney can file a BP oil spill lawsuit in a formal court of law. 

If you have recently suffered damages due to the BP oil spill, you may want to file for damages in a Florida insurance claim. To know what options are available to you, you can visit our article, Effects of the BP Oil Spill.  

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