Should I repair my home or business right after a hurricane or should I wait for the insurance adjuster to survey the damage?

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If your home or business has been damaged by a hurricane in Florida, you should make the necessary temporary repairs while waiting for an insurance adjuster

Common temporary repairs after a hurricane in Florida include: 

  • boarding up any broken windows;
  • covering up holes in your roof; and
  • covering up holes in your walls.  

In fact, if you don’t take the necessary steps to prevent further damage to your home or business, your insurer may deny your claim altogether. 

When you make temporary repairs after a hurricane in Florida, you should keep any receipts for supplies and materials that you have purchased. When you submit these receipts in a damage claim, you should be reimbursed. 

After suffering damage in a hurricane in Florida, your insurer may also compensate you for: 

  • your living expenses (if your home is unlivable and you need to rent a place to live);
  • the removal of tress and debris from your property; and
  • damaged property inside your home (such as furniture and appliances). 

To know what steps you need to take after a hurricane in Florida, you should get the advice of an experienced Florida hurricane attorney. If your homeowners insurance company is causing unnecessary delays to your damage claim after a hurricane in Florida, or has rejected your claim altogether, a Florida hurricane attorney can speak up on your behalf, to advocate that you receive timely compensation for your home repairs. 

Contacting a Florida Hurricane Attorney 

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