Sinkhole Growing Under Hillsborough County Landfill

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Hillsborough County, FL – A landfill in Tampa is causing worry and unrest among nearby residents as an expanding sinkhole poses potential threat to nearby water supplies. reports that the Hillsborough County Southeast County Landfill currently sports an 80-foot-wide and 60-foot-deep sinkhole that continues to grow. The biggest concern comes from the fact that the deepest point of the hole is approaching an aquifer about 100 feet away. 

Engineering experts are planning on examining the hole internally to determine the progression and expected growth rate. The landfill managers were shocked at the discovery of the sinkhole, but Robert Brinkman, a geography professor at the University of South Florida, says it’s no surprise that a sinkhole can occur anywhere. 

As assessments are made, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is asking Hillsborough County to take action and develop a plan for what to do if the sinkhole threatens public safety and health. Experts from the public utilities department are working to monitor the sinkhole’s progression and assess the risk it poses to the aquifer. Nearby residents could have their groundwater and surface water compromised if the sinkhole grows too much. 

Sinkholes are a unique feature of Florida’s geography that can pose a great threat to homeowners if one opens on or near their property. A sinkhole does not necessarily have to occur under your structure for it to cause damage and threaten the health and safety of your family. 

Proper homeowners insurance coverage is necessary to help recover your losses if your property is damaged by a sinkhole. If you need to file a homeowners insurance claim for damage caused by a sinkhole, contact a Florida homeowners insurance attorney. 

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