Six Steps to a Successful Miami Car Accident Claim

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Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Defines the Six Steps to A Winning Claim

Smart advice when filing a car accident claim is best coming from a skilled Miami personal injury lawyer who can assess your specific situation and advise you accordingly.

There are, however, some general steps that can be applied to most car accident claims:

  • Call the police – A police report is essential to filing a successful car accident claim. Having a third-party point of view on record can help alleviate any future disputes about who was at fault and what really happened.
  • Get checked by medical personnel – Even if you think you are uninjured, be sure to have on-the-scene medical personnel check you out. With your adrenaline running, you may not sense an injury. There also could be unseen damage they may detect. Be aware it may take a few days for an injury to become evident. At the first signs of any discomfort or pain, go to a doctor. You want to have solid medical records on file for any future claim.
  • Get the other driver’s information – Besides the license plate number and the name of the insurance provider, you should get the insurance policy number, driver’s license number, and as much contact information as possible for both the driver and insurance company.
  • Get statements from witnesses – If there are any bystanders who saw the accident, ask for their contact information. This is another way to validate your claim.
  • Take photographs – As the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to a car accident. Use your cell phone to document the damage or lack of damage. Take pictures of your injuries, too. You want photographs to detail the accident scene so if there are any future questions about what occurred, you have the answers for everyone to see.
  • Talk to a reputable Miami personal injury lawyer – Having legal representation on your side can mean the difference between fair compensation and little or no compensation. Insurance companies want to settle claims quickly and cost effectively. This is not a good idea, and a personal injury lawyer familiar with car accident claims knows what is needed to get you the compensation you deserve.

The Most Important Step: Securing a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

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